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Sasha Pushkin - Exprovisation concert

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Sasha Pushkin - Exprovisation concert - Radio Banda Larga

Saturday 23. February 2019 ⁄⁄ 12:30 ⁄⁄ On air

Rbl Berlin is very proud to present, exclusively here on the Non-frequenze of Radio Banda Larga, the recording of a solo piano concert by the composer and performer Sasha Pushkin.

The art of the Russian-born, Berlin-based artist continuously moves across the boundaries of different genres and styles of music, mixing influences captured during his long carrier which involved interactions with many different artists and realities throughout Europe. Classical music from the Romantic period, free jazz and psychedelic rock are some of the currents you could recognise beneath the powerfull and multifaceted waves of Pushkin's creations.

Our crew recorded the “Exprovisation” concert in May 2018, during an event organized in the “Classic Pianos” store in Berlin Schöneberg.

The following description comes from the website of Sasha Pushkin: “Exprovisation.” This word comes from a Latin word “Expromt” and from the words “Experimental” and “Improvisation”. Exprovisation is an improvisation with form, creating a full composition spontaneously, with know limitations on musical style.

At the beginning of the recording you can hear more about it from the voice of the artist himself, in an excerpt of an interview we had with Pushkin in his studio in Berlin.

The podcast will also be available soon on the Mixcloud page of RBL

More about Sasha Pushkin:

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