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U - Radio Banda Larga

Radio Banda Larga is proud to have the world radio premiere of the project U by the band Pushkin Boom Beat on the 25th of Mai at 21:00 on air and later in form of podcast.

U is not just an album, but a multimedia project developed as application combining music, graphics and stories. Starting from the 25th of May you can download it for free from the App-store for I-pad and I-phone. U was produced and not released, staying in the archive of Pushkin until now. Some functions of the app are not updated and it doesn't work on all devices. Try to get it – or, don't miss our stream!

Genre: Psycho Active Ethno Industrial


Sasha Pushkin - composition, electronics, voice
Souleymane Toure - percussion
Oleg Matrosov - sura, domra
Jörg Maria Zeger - guitar
Tobias Vethake - Cello (special guest)

We had the pleasure to interview the leader of the band, the performer and composer Sasha Pushkin, who gave his voice for the songs in U. On RBL you will also listen to his introduction to the project.
Sasha Pushkin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. He began studying classical piano at age seven; by the age of eight he had performed his first concert of original compositions. By the age of 22, he had played for audiences of ten thousand people in St. Petersburg and Kiev. Since the early nineties, Sasha has been a regular performer on the European circuit. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.
As a cross over composer, pianist, improviser, singer and concept - creator, he works in the fields of, improvised, contemporary and new music, world, jazz, electronic, rock using elements of industrial, avant-garde, classic and more...
S. Pushkin is known as an extremely flexible and open-minded musician. He has an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach that involves also collaborations in the fields of modern dance, multi-media, and literature. He is active as a band leader and composer for films. He is the creator of his own musical doctrine, called “Exprovisation”.
He is also active as a writer, and sometimes paints and makes plastics too.

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